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Are You Struggling To Lose Weight?

So, it may be getting a little challenging, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while. Don’t worry, this is normal but it is very important you understand what is going on.

The reality is, in the first week of starting a new exercise routine, many people will begin to doubt themselves. They begin to doubt their new routine before allowing it to really work. The end result is never good. Another failed attempt at getting in shape.

Not You…Not This Time…Not Now
Depending on what you may or may not have going on in your life right now, change can be difficult if you don’t approach it the right way.

If you have a plan to follow, you can put yourself on the path of success.

That’s Life
I understand that life gets in the way at times but we are going to work through that to help you stay on track and FINALLY get you lasting results.

I want you understand the commitment and focus it is going to take to succeed. I also want you to realize, this is not an overnight process.

Sometimes we have these unrealistic expectations or outcomes, especially about losing weight. Because of these expectations we don’t allow the necessary time for the body to adapt. One word…Patience.

I won’t promise any unrealistic outcomes, but what I can promise you is, if you are mentally ready to commit, this program will show you the way to succeed.

Any Health Issues?
If you are dealing with any health issues whether that is early signs or you have already been diagnosed, my job is to improve your physical activity along with some adjustments to your eating schedule to reduce or eliminate these issues.

My job is to reduce your health risk like Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure before they become major health issues for you. Allowing issues like this to go untreated, can lead to major health issues and even death in the future.

It’s happening faster and faster these days. The foods we have access to is less nutritious and our lifestyles are putting more and more stress on our bodies.

Look Around You
If you look around you, you will notice the majority of people are overweight. Almost 3 out of every 4 Americans are overweight. Unfortunately, many people are becoming comfortable being over weight and this new acceptance is leading to major health issues.

It is also getting harder and harder to lose the weight once you put it on. It’s not impossible but it certainly isn’t as easy as some want to believe.

But ask yourself, how important is your health to you? Do you want to have more energy so you can actually have productive days that lead to a positive emotional state?

Do you want to look better to rebuild your self esteem, your confidence, your mojo? Trust me, once you start feeling and looking better it affects all aspects of your life, relationships, work, personal confidence etc.

Are You Ready? Are You Really Ready?
So how do you know if you are really ready? First, you need to ask yourself on a scale of 1-10, how serious are you to committing to a program that will get you the results.

Without going into too much detail, there are some underlying issues you are dealing with that have 2 root causes. If you are anything below and 8, the odds are you fall into 1 of those 2 categories:

  • You don’t have enough time and/or
  • You don’t have enough money

This is no time to be discouraged. This is a time to finally be motivated. You have signed up for an introductory program that shows you an effective and proven way to lose the added pounds and be in the best shape of your life?

You job right now is to stay focused and commit to creating new good behaviors and getting rid of the old ones that have gotten you to the point where you want to make a change.

How Do I Find The Time?
I am an entrepreneur, a devoted and very involved father and married to a cancer surgeon. I also train for triathlons year round, so the demands on my time are very real every day.

That said, there is a way and I would like to show you. I have found a way to own my time, accomplish more in less time and do it with limited amounts of stress to the point of going stress free in an entire day.

Seriously, ask yourself when was the last time that happen to you. Before I starting using some simple mental fitness training techniques, it seemed like everyday was exhausting both mentally and physically. It finally got to the point where I answered 10. I just didn’t want to live the way I was living anymore.

If you previously answered 8 or less, I want you to ask yourself the same question again on a scale of 1-10, how serious are you to commit to this program that will get you amazing result using a proven system?

You really have to believe.

What’s Your Body Type?

Today I want to talk to you about body types. To keep this very simple for today’s lesson, there are basically 2 body types.

Body Type A ==> Body Type B
If you are currently in a position where you are 15-20 lbs over weight and have some bad eating habits, you are Body Type A. The Goal is to go from Body Type A to Body Type B

What is Body Type B?
Not being 15-20 lbs over weight and having relatively good eating habits. This is easier said than done, and even more difficult if you are attempting to do this on your own with no real knowledge of how to really get it done.

Just Stay Committed
You have conquered half the battle, you have a found a proven program that can work for you if you work it. The other half of the battle is you taking action. What you have to do is stay committed and focused on the program you truly believe is going to change you, with realistic commitment levels.

What’s Your Schedule?
It is important to work around your current schedule because we all have busy lives these days. That said, its about time your health and wellness take to top priority. The key is to find a balance. This is why I have invested a lot of time researching and designing programs to adapt to our busy lives. I wanted to provide solutions to those that just don’t have the time or knowledge to do this correctly.

The TRUFiT34 workout has been perfected to allow you to get the most out of your half hour workouts.  This allows you to come multiple times per week without your body feeling fatigued. Actually the opposite can happen.

Increase Your Energy
If you start making TRUFiT a regular part of your week, you will see how your energy levels increase and you actually become more productive. I think one of the most important factors when getting started is setting realistic expectations.So realistically on average, it’s going to take 3 to 6 months, coming 3 to 4 times a week. Now I will say this, I’ve had situations where people have been so motivated to change, it happened in less time. 

Interesting Image75 Plus Pounds in 100 Days
There was someone like Jonathan who got amazing results, 75 plus pounds in 3 ½ months. WOW! 


Now That’s TRUFiT!
Amazing results in a relatively short period of time, but keep in mind, our bodies all respond differently. The important and encouraging thing to remember is all our bodies eventually respond, some it just takes a little longer than others.

89% Of People Fail
What happens with most and this has statistically been proven, 89% of the time, the first 90 days people will stop going to the gym and give up on their weight loss plans.  After studying the behavior of gym goers, they determined a lot of people see some results within the first 90 days. After the 90 days is when many find themselves struggling to get more results. 

Have You Plateaued?
The term for this is Plateau. I’m sure you or somebody you know has probably experienced this. The reason this happens is the body eventually adapts. As I am continuously saying, our bodies are these amazing programmed machines and when the body is stressed it will adapt.

Keep The Body Guessing
So the trick and the key is to offer the body various types of exercises that are changed up to keep the body guessing which is going to help build that muscle which in turn is going to burn the fat. In addition, we are going to tweak your nutrition to align with your new weight loss goal. So what we need to do is keep changing the variables until we keep seeing the results that we need. Once this happens we can adjust the workout and allow the body to adapt. 

Your New Body Type B
You guessed it we have now got your body form Body Type A to Body Type B and to the point where the body has adapted to this new physique and weight. I’m not sure if you have realized, but by taking this approach you can now remove yourself from that 89% who continue to fail. 

Next Steps
Your task for today is to look at your schedule and determine how many days per week you can realistically commit to exercising. If you plan to come into the TRUFiT studio, you need to factor in your necessary travel time. As you have heard me stress before, use the TRUFiT Booking App to schedule your classes a couple weeks in advance

Use These Worksheets
I have attached a 2 worksheets you can download below. There is a Weekly Schedule and Daily Schedule. It is very important you start working on planning your weeks and days better.  You will see how more productive you become and free up more time.

Who couldn’t use more time.